Sentence Examples with the word cursed

Kutuzov replied: I should be cursed by posterity were I looked on as the initiator of a settlement of any sort.

She rose and stumbled forward again, cursed as she ran into a larger boulder, then lost her balance and rolled down a sudden dip.

She cursed him silently.

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Dean cursed himself for not wanting to talk to the redheaded deputy, who would have been infinitely preferable to this obnoxious jerk.

When the peril of appealing to Yusuf was put before him at durbar by his son, he acknowledged the danger, but added that he did not wish to be cursed throughout Islam as the cause of the loss of Spain and that, if choose he must, he thought it better to lead camels in Africa than to tend pigs in Castile.

Indeed he was accepted by the English people as the benefactor who had delivered them from anarchy; and if they murmured at his love of hoarding, and cursed his inquisitors Empson and Dudley, they had no wish to change the Tudor rule, and were far from regarding the times of the Lancastrian experiment as a lost golden age.

In 1302, in the midst of a hostile assembly, Philip cursed his sons should they consent to hold the Crown of any one but God'; and in this isolated outburst he sees the key to his character.

They cursed the wolves, but both enjoyed their time being prisoners in their own home.

A fresh council was soon convoked, which cursed Irene and re-enacted the decrees of 754.

The legends about him say he killed his mate, who was the daughter of a god, and he was cursed for all time.