Sentence Examples with the word curse

She slammed the door to the bathing chamber, flinching at the sounds of a loud curse and the clatter of a table smashing into the stone wall.

Nor is that a being bound foranother's offence; for when it is said that we through Adam's sin have become obnoxious to the divine judgment, is is not to be taken as if we, being ourselves innocent and blameless, bear the fault of his offence, but that, we having been brought under a curse through his transgression, he is said to have bound us.

When Myrtilus claimed his promised reward, Pelops flung him into the sea near Geraestus in Euboea, and from his dying curse sprang those crimes and sorrows of the house of Pelops which supplied the Greek tragedians with such fruitful themes (Sophocles, Electra, 505, with Jebb's note).

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In 754 he assembled at the palace of Hiereion 338 bishops, by whom the worship of images was forbidden as opposed to all Christian doctrine and a curse pronounced upon all those who upheld it.

A curse on the lot of them, especially the state of Texas where the roads never end.

Time after- time they followed him to Italy, enduring serious losses and hardships in order that he might enforce claims which were of no advantage to them, and which, previously, had been a curse to their nation.

There are some who say a female Warlord will bring a curse upon us, but we don't believe this, he added.

I curse him daily for leaving you in such a position and ne'er warning you.

Thus the mysterious hoard is all but lost sight of; no mention is made of the curse attached to it; and it is only as an afterthought that Siegfried (Sifrit) is described as its master.

Further it is suggested that Peisistratus was unwilling to have children by one on whom lay the curse of the Cylonian outrage.