Sentence Examples with the word curriculum

Political and religious subjects are excluded from the curriculum and no discrimination in regard to race or religion is allowed.

Their curriculum comprised all the usual courses of instruction, except theology.

Instinctively a humanist, he had little patience with the narrow curriculum of Harvard in his day and the rather pedantic spirit with which classical studies were there pursued.

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His studies included all the wide range of subjects, classics, science and philosophy, which constituted the curriculum of the Renaissance savants.

Many of the special schools use the English language for conveying instruction, and there are three special schools where the whole curriculum is conducted in English by English masters.

The old curriculum of the Real schools is now superseded.

Having taken the arts curriculum at Glasgow University, he studied for the ministry at the Divinity Hall of the Secession Church, a dissenting body which, on its union a few years later with the Relief Church, adopted the title United Presbyterian.

As illustrating the rapid development of familiarity with foreign authors, a Japanese retrospect of the Meiji era notes that whereas Macaulays Esfays were ii the curriculum of the Imperial University in 1881-1882, they were studied, five or six years later, in secondary schools, and pupils of the latter were able to read with understanding the works of Goldsmith, Tennyson and Thackeray.

They give an education similar to that offered in the lyces for boys with certain modificationsin a curriculum of five or six years.

His early life was occupied in mastering the curriculum of theology, jurisprudence, mathematics, medicine and philosophy, under the approved teachers of the time.