Sentence Examples with the word currently

The theory underlying hepatoscopy therefore consists of these two factors: the belief (I) that the liver is the seat of life, or, to put it more succinctly, what was currently regarded as the soul of the animal; and (2) that the liver of the sacrificial animal, by virtue of its acceptance on the part of the god, took on the same character as the soul of the god to whom it was offered.

This fuel, he believes, will be vastly better than anything we currently produce.

Whether this will be by growing working copies of the genes and administering them to a patient, by introducing a nanobot that fixes them, or by any of the dozen other methods currently being developed, I do not know.

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Member states have agreed to common objectives in the area of youth policy, which are currently being implemented.

These narratives are full of much valuable evidence regarding marriage customs, pastoral life and duties, popular beliefs and traditions, and are evidently typical of what was currently retailed.

Mr. Bosch is currently in Miami with total impunity.

The idea was till recently currently accepted, that anything which plants absorbed from without, and which went to build up their organic substance, or to supply them with energy, or to exert some beneficial influence upon their metabolism, coiistituted their food.

My point here is that currently the planet is producing enough food to feed everyone on it.

Each of these two propositions must command assent as soon as uncritical ignorance gives place to philosophic reflection; but each may be exaggerated, indeed has currently been exaggerated, into falsity.

It is true that for two centuries and a half a considerable body of verse has been currently known by his name; but among modern scholars the use of the customary designation is merely a matter of convenience, and does not imply any belief in the correctness of the attribution.