Sentence Examples with the word curl up

She wanted to curl up in the pod and sob until he rescued her, even knowing he'd never know where to find her.

His black cat leapt from the ottoman onto her chest, content to curl up and sleep.

Her body hurt, her head pulsed, and she wanted nothing more than to curl up on a warm rock outside and go to sleep.

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The calming intensity around him tugged at her, made her want to curl up in his arms.

She kissed Jonny goodnight and crossed the bay to curl up with their father.

She stayed the urge to curl up in her chair, jumping when a shadow with lopsided shoulders emerged from the corner dressed like an executioner in black hood and gloves.

Tonight, I'm going to curl up with a book and wait for Connor to call.

She wanted to curl up in a ball and sob until she fell asleep, relieved and ecstatic to be with him again.