Sentence Examples with the word curl

Gently he brushed the curl from her face again and looked into her eyes.

His black cat leapt from the ottoman onto her chest, content to curl up and sleep.

One hand gracefully held the folds of her dress and the other brushed a wayward curl from her forehead.

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Brushing a blond curl from her face, she reined him toward the buffalo pen.

Tonight, I'm going to curl up with a book and wait for Connor to call.

I will be good girl and teacher will curl my hair lovely.

These cave flowers are unfolded by pressure, as if a sheaf were forced through a tight binding, or the crystal fibres curl outward from the centre of the group. Thus spotless arches of 50 ft.

She tugged the curl from his hand and turned to the old piano as a diversion tactic.

The flat leaves are arranged in two regular, distinct rows; they are deep green above, but beneath have two broad white lines, which, as the foliage in large trees has a tendency to curl upwards, give it a silvery appearance from below.

She kissed Jonny goodnight and crossed the bay to curl up with their father.