Sentence Examples with the word curiosity

As soon as Anna Mikhaylovna had disappeared he noticed that the eyes of all in the room turned to him with something more than curiosity and sympathy.

Sonya was there too, tormented by curiosity as to what Prince Andrew and Natasha were talking about.

But the French entered and still Pierre did not retire--an irresistible curiosity kept him there.

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She turned and hurried up the stairs as Donnie stood by the table, torn between curiosity and following his mother.

The principal curiosity is the Karlsburg cascade, which is placed in a broad ravine, thickly wooded on both sides.

The interest in spiritualism, apart from scientific curiosity and mere love of the marvellous, is partly due to the belief that trustworthy information and advice about mundane matters can be obtained through mediums - to the same impulse in fact which has in all ages attracted inquirers to fortune-tellers.

No movement; and when on the 11th of June Monmouth's three ships, having eluded the royal fleet, arrived off Lyme Regis, he landed amid the curiosity rather than the sympathy of the inhabitants.

She opened the door and contained her curiosity until he led Ed inside.

You can't find more action than that caused by the curiosity of busy toddlers ages 18 to 36 months.

Too many sites rely on visitors' burning curiosity to explore and figure it out.