Sentence Examples with the word curie

And Mme Curie subjected a large amount of pitchblende to a laborious process of fractionation, with the result that in 1898 they announced the existence in it of two highly radioactive substances, polonium and radium.

Women have been decorated, notably Rosa Bonheur, Madame Curie and Madame Bartet.

PIERRE CURIE (1859-1906), French physicist, was born in Paris on the 15th of May 1859, and was educated at the Sorbonne, where he subsequently became professor of physics.

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Muller, Der Kampf Ludwigs des Bayern mit der Curie (Tubingen, 1879 seq.); W.

And Mme P. Curie employed an electroscope made as follows: A metal case (fig.

Important experiments on the susceptibility of oxygen at different pressures and temperatures were carried out by P. Curie (C.R.

Blondlot and P. Curie afterwards suggested that a single electrometer could be constructed with two pairs of quadrants and a duplicate needle on one stem, so as to make two readings simultaneously and produce a deflection proportional at once to the power being taken up in the inductive circuit.

Letzter Streit mit der Curie (Berlin, 1866); W.

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We thus see that radium is continually losing matter and energy as electricity; it is also losing energy as heat, for, as was observed by Curie and Laborde, the temperature of a radium salt is always a degree or two above that of the atmosphere, and they estimated that a gramme of pure radium would emit about 100 gramme-calories per hour.