Sentence Examples with the word cured

He settled in Richmondshire, twelve miles from the recluse Margaret Kirkby, whom he had cured of a violent seizure.

This condition may be cured completely, or greatly improved, by the use of lenses whose surfaces are segments of cylinders.

The patient consulting the god sleeps in the Abaton, sees certain visions, and, as a result, comes forth cured the next morning.

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Sometimes there seem to be surgical cases, like that of a man who had a spear-head extracted from his jaw, and found it laid in his hands when he awoke in the morning, and there are many examples resembling those known at the present day at Lourdes or Tenos, where hysterical or other similar affections are cured by the influence of imagination or sudden emotion.

She is said to have been rescued from the hands of Death by Heracles, who arrived upon the scene at an opportune moment; a later story represents her as cured of a dangerous illness by his skill.

At this time an attempt was made to murder Chaka; but the wound he received was cured by one of Farewell's companions, a circumstance which made the king very friendly to Europeans.

The terms were that they should give hostages, that they should depart for ever from Wessex, and that their king Guthrum should do homage to Alfred as overlord, and submit to be baptized, with thirty of his chiefs, Not only were all these conditions punctually fulfilled, but (what is more astonishing) the Danes had been so thoroughly cured of any desire to try their luck against the great king that hey left him practically unmolested for fourteen years (878892).

The deep-sea fishery attracts hundreds of boats from the north of Scotland, and most of the catch is cured for the English, German and Dutch markets.

B cured me, but I felt like I was touched by something then.

Regarding the various syndromes: Over time we would expect to better understand their root causes, and consider them disorders to be cured to the extent the affected person wishes them to be.