Sentence Examples with the word cup

He held the cup for a few minutes, his neck growing red.

In the case of a special enemy or an adversary overcome in a private dispute before the king, he would make a cup of the skull, mounting it in bull's hide or in gold.

Female flowers in pairs, the bracts enlarging in the fruit to form a membranous cup (hazel), or a flat three-lobed structure (hornbeam).

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The attached portions form in some instances inscriptions, as on a cup found at Strassburg, which bears the name of the emperor Maximian (A.D.

In the 15th-century town hall (Rathaus) is preserved the golden drinking cup of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, which was taken at the battle of Nancy in 1477.

A cup of hot coffee and a nap - then she would feel better.

He studied his cup of coffee, swishing the liquid around in it absently.

Between a shoulder, a, in the iron bolt and a shoulder in the porcelain cup, c, is placed an indiarubber ring, which forms a yielding washer and enables the cup to be screwed firmly to the bolt, while preventing FIG.

I), of uniform bore, terminating in a cup PE, the mouth of which can be rendered airtight by the plate of glass E.

He was slowly picking pieces of Styrofoam flotsam from his early morning cup of black coffee.