Sentence Examples with the word cumulative

Certain substances, notably digitalis, lead, mercury and strychnine, exhibit what is called a cumulative action - that is to say, when small quantities have been taken over a period of time, poisoning or an excessive action suddenly ensues.

But the evidence is on the whole cumulative and convincing that there was a remarkable falling off in the birth-rate during the 19th century.

The franchise was now extended to all citizens, a cumulative voting power being reserved, however, for property, and the peasantry were emancipated from forced labour.

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The most powerful is digitoxin C34H54011, an extremely poisonous and cumulative drug, insoluble in water.

The cumulative effect of these acts was practically to annihilate the woollen manufacture in Ireland and to reduce whole districts and towns, in which thousands of persons were directly or indirectly supported by the industry, to the last verge of poverty.

The deputies are elected by departments and by a direct cumulative vote, and hold office for three years.

Such stocks, however, usually fail in time, partly from too close interbreeding, partly from the ordinary chances of mortality, and partly from the cumulative effects of strange conditions.

For a uniform demand equal to the cumulative stream-flow; or, if it failed, that failure would be of very short duration, and would probably only occur once in 50 years.

In the same way we may group in a single diagram any number of consecutive driest years, and either ascertain the reservoir capacity necessary for a given uniform yield (represented cumulatively by a straight line corresponding with a'a', but drawn over all the years instead of one), or conversely, having set up a vertical from the most trying point in the line of cumulative flow (c or c in fig.

The act is cumulative only, and does not take away or restrain any punishment prescribed by ecclesiastical law.