Sentence Examples with the word cumbersome

It is noteworthy that though words were so freely spelled in alphabetic characters, especially in the time of the Old Kingdom, no advance was ever made towards excluding the cumbersome word-signs and biliteral phonograms, which, by a judicious use of determinatives, might well have been rendered quite superfluous.

Their first cost, however, is high and the cumbersome parts occupy much space in the shaft.

But this advantage is only procured by the sacrifice of some accuracy; for notwithstanding the cumbersome apparatus employed, the conditions of the problem are not always exactly satisfied, nor is it possible that they can be always satisfied by any similar method of proceeding.

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Thus, behind the screen of the normal shares a number of small tenancies arise which run their economic concerns independently from the cumbersome arrangements of tenure and service, and, needless to add, all these tenancies are burdened with money rents.

The original Langstroth hive was single-walled, held ten frames (size 174 by 9 in.), and had a deep roof, made to cover a case of small honey boxes like the sections now in use; but the cumbersome projecting porch and sides, made to support the roof, are now dispensed with, and the number of frames reduced to eight.

When roads were poor and vehicles cumbersome horseback was almost the only method of travel for both sexes.

He glanced back once more at the void beyond the ledge and then looped the line around his body and stomped the few feet toward the cliff, trying to step without tripping in the cumbersome and unfamiliar foot wear.

While it was feasible, Quinn's equipment was cumbersome and there were the ever present problem of absolute quiet, not to mention the security issue.

Its great merit consists in the complete notation and symbolism, which avoided the cumbersome expressions of the earlier algebraists, and reduced the art to a form closely resembling that of to-day.

Taking a detached view of Turkish civilization, even of the faith of Islam itself, for the two are inseparable - the Committee saw much wanting, much existing that was cumbersome and useless, much that provided a fatal handicap to the progress of the Ottoman State.