Sentence Examples with the word cultus

The sons of Zadok, the priests-of the royal chapel, were the king's servants as absolutely as any other great officers of state; they owed their place to the fiat of King Solomon, and the royal will was supreme in all matters of cultus (2 Kings xii., xvi.

Then with the concentration of the cultus at Jerusalem represented by Deuteronomy, the celebration was restricted to the Judean capital, and its duration fixed at seven days, though its date was still left indeterminate.

In the cultus rendered to confessors, the authorization of the Church had long been merely implicit.

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The synagogues which traced their origin to the time of Ezekiel, when the sacrificial cultus was impossible, extended this ideal yet further.

In the middle empire (VIIth to XIIth Dynasties) the lay element maintains its position in religious cultus despite its complexity.

For Philo pays no respect to any cultus except the Jewish; and he believed that all the fragments of truth to be found amongst Greeks and Romans had been borrowed from the books of Moses.

They belong to an earlier period than the Zoroastrian, nor was this fire cultus restricted to the temples.

The oldest city, the oldest cultus (that of Zeus Lycaeus), and the first civilization of Arcadia are attributed to Lycaon.

Its only result for the majority was a falling back on the earlier popular cultus of the Baals, and on the heathen customs introduced, or reintroduced, by Josiah's grandfather, Manasseh.

The approval of immemorial cultus comes within the category of exceptional procedure.