Sentence Examples with the word cultural

Farrand speaks of physical, linguistic, geographic, and cultural criteria, the first two the more exact, the latter more convenient and sometimes the only feasible bases.

But if ease of communication is favourable to the rise of large 'states and the cultural progress that usually accompanies it, it is, nevertheless, often fatal to the very culture which, at first, it fostered, in so far as the absence of natural boundaries renders invasion easy.

Although there was cultural opposition in India to Borlaug's methods and seeds, the famine was so bad by 1965 that the government stepped in and urged the project forward.

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Gi larly from the cultural standpoint.

This led to the disappearance of the agri cultural population, to a decline in public safety, and to the spread of malaria in many parts; indeed, it is quite possible that it was not introduced into Latium before the 4th century B.C. The evil increased in the later period of the Republic, and many of the old towns of Latium sank into a very decayed condition; with this the continual competition of the provinces as sources of food-supply no doubt had a good deal to do.

The goal was to increase opportunities for cultural diversity in the arts.

The significance of these facts from a cultural point of view is twofold: for, while a late variety is desirable for culture in Great Britain, as ensuring more or less immunity from spring frost, it is, on the other hand, undesirable, because late varieties are more liable to be attacked by the potato disease (Phytophihora infestans) which as a rule appears about the time when the earliest varieties are ready for lifting, but before the late varieties are matured.

The smaller houses are far better for cultural purposes, while the plants can be classified, and the little details of management more conveniently attended to.

The cultural as well as the microscopical characters of a pathogenic organism may be closely similar to other non-pathogenic members of the same group, and it thus comes to be a matter of extreme difficulty in certain cases to state what criterion should be used in differentiating varieties.

In virtue of its cultural institutions, it is also the intellectual and artistic centre of Hungary.