Sentence Examples with the word cultivation

At the present time a great part of the industry is devoted to the cultivation of the currant vine (Vitis corinthiaca).

The artificial cultivation of fish, now chiefly carp, in the numerous ponds that surround the town dates from the 14th century.

In these years, too, owing to the extension of drainage works, the irrigable area of Egypt was greatly enlarged, so that if perennial cultivation was at all to be increased, it was necessary to increase the volume of the river, and this could only be done by storing up the flood supply.

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The development of alfalfa cultivation is extending the area of cattle-breeding somewhat and is improving the quality of the beef Livestock.

The cultivation of the soil is, however, attended in many parts with great difficulties owing to the scanty rainfall and the very primitive implements still in use, and in the valley of the Kura heavy losses are frequently incurred from depredations by locusts.

The elevation of a large part of the department gives it a temperate climate and permits the cultivation of cereals and other products of the temperate zone.

The growth of the industry is shown in the export returns, which were 171,891 bunches for 1892, and 1,397,388 bunches for 1906, the area under cultivation being about 7000 acres in the last-mentioned year.

The plain of Fondi is the northernmost point in Italy where the cultivation of oranges and lemons is regularly carried on in modern times.

The oil is similar to that in the true colza seeds but the plants do not yield so much per acre as the latter: they are, however, hardier and more adapted for cultivation on poor sandy soils.

They declare that moral righteousness, the gaining of wisdom, divine contemplation, charity and the cultivation of devotional feelings are their rites and ceremonies.