Sentence Examples with the word cultivate

The natives seldom cultivate more than half an acre apiece, and the Portuguese settlers usually only 25 or 30 acres at most.

During the long apprenticeship that educated Japanese serve to acquire the power of writing with the brush the complicated characters borrowed from Chinese, they unconsciously cultivate the habit of minute observation and the power of accurate imitation, and with these the delicacy of touch and freedom of hand which only long practice can give.

His sermons were mostly practical in character, and his great aim was to cultivate in his hearers a spiritual and devotional frame of mind.

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He took a foremost part in almost every good work in his diocese, social or educational, political or religious; while he found time also to cultivate friendly relations with thinking men and women of all schools, and to help all and sundry who came to him for advice and assistance.

Crispi was prepared to cultivate good relations with France, but refused to yield to pressure or to submit to dicta - tion; and in this attitude he was firmly supported by the bulk of his fellow-countrymen.

The native cultivators were to be exempted from the ground-tax, but were to cultivate one-fifth of their land as the government might direct, the government taking the produce.

Sumatra produced the best cigar wrappers of the world, and efforts to cultivate Sumatra tobacco in Florida under apparently suitable conditions of climate and soil were not successful.

There was no branch of knowledge in which he did not take an absorbing interest, no polite art which he did not cultivate and encourage.

The Piojes live in permanent communities and cultivate the soil.

I put no manure whatever on this land, not being the owner, but merely a squatter, and not expecting to cultivate so much again, and I did not quite hoe it all once.