Sentence Examples with the word culmination

The 4th century marks the culmination of early Christian preaching.

The art of casting bronze reached its culmination in the hands of a group of great expertsSeimin, TOun, Masatune, TeijO, SOmin, Keisai, Takusai, Gido, Zenryusai and Hotokusaiwho flourished during the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th.

His fame reached its culmination when, on the 19th of April, he won the battle of Nagysarl6, which led to the relief of the hardly-pressed fortress of Komarom.

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The council of Ferrara and Florence was the culmination of a series of futile medieval attempts to reunite the Greek and Roman churches.

The new ministry remained in office for a year, a disastrous year which saw the culmination of Napoleons power: the ciushing of Prussia in the campaign of Jena, the formation of the Confederation of the Rhine and the end of the Holy Roman Empire.

The northern border range, though not continuous, rises steadily from the west to its culmination in the Galatian Olympus (Ilkaz Dagh), south of Kastamuni.

New York, where the Appalachians enter the state, the plateau becomes much higher than in the W., reaching its culmination in the Catskills.

It is necessary to insist upon this fact, because it has been stated with apparent authority that numerous specimens which began to be exported from 1865 were the outcome of industry commencing in the 16th century and reaching its point of culmination at the beginning of the 18th.

In this second period the names of Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas and Duns Scotus represent (in the 13th century and the first years of the 14th century) the culmination of Scholastic thought and its consolidation into system.

Under the guidance of such a principle the writer naturally expected the world's culmination in evil to be the immediate precursor of God's intervention on behalf of the righteous, and every fresh growth in evil to be an additional sign that the time was at hand.