Sentence Examples with the word culminate

These reactions are of special interest, for they culminate in the production of artificial ruby and sapphire (see Gems, Artificial).

The series of topics will culminate in an exhibition later in the year.

The northern part of Albacete belongs to the high plains of New Castile, the southern is generally mountainous, traversed by low ranges or isolated groups of hills, which culminate in the Sierra de Alcaraz on the borders of Granada, where several summits reach 5000 ft.

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The performance dates are Monday 22nd to Friday 27th July, to culminate with a performance on Saturday 28th July.

They culminate in the peak of Dos-megen-ora at an altitude of 20,000 ft.

The antiquity of certain principles and details is undeniable - as also in the Talmud - but since one must start from the organic connexions of the composite sources, the problems necessitate proper attention to the relation between the stages in the literary growth (working backwards) and the vicissitudes which culminate in the postexilic age.

M., covered for the most part with hills, which culminate in the Hegekopf (2775 ft.).

It is bounded on the north by the broad valley of the Jordan; on the east by the rapidly rising terraces which culminate in the Moabite plateau, 3100 ft.

As the sacrifice of the mass is the central mystery of the Catholic faith, so the seven orders of the hierarchy culminate in that of priest, who alone is empowered to work the daily miracle of the altar (see Holy Order).

High, which fall gently landwards, but present bold steep cliffs towards the sea, and which culminate northwards in Mount Skopos, the ancient Elatos (1600 ft.), the highest point in the island.