Sentence Examples with the word culebra

And a minimum, at the Culebra Pass, of 290 ft., the lowest point, except the interoceanic water-parting in Nicaragua, which is 153 ft., in the western continental system.

He paid no heed to them, but began the struggle against the Culebra and the Chagres.

And include Culebra or Snake Island, and Vieques or Crab Island.

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He there beheld the Culebra and the Chagres; he saw the mountain and the stream, those two greatest obstacles of nature that sought to bar his route.

The department covers the eastern end of the island and includes all the islands off its coast, among which are Culebra and Vieques; the former (pop. in 18 99, 704) has two excellent harbours and is used as a U.S. naval station; the latter is 21 m.

Wide) and the smaller and nearly barren island of Culebra off the east coast, the island of Mona, covered with deposits of guano, off the west coast, and numerous islets.