Sentence Examples with the word cue

In May the Radicals who followed Mr Bright and Mr Chamberlain, and the Whigs who took their cue from Lord Hartington, decided to vote against the second reading of the Home Rule Bill, instead of allowing it to be taken and then pressing for modifications in committee, and on 7th June the bill was defeated by 343 to 3 1 3, 94 Liberal Unionists - as they were generally called - voting against the government.

Right on cue we gets this call to pull into a closed down rest area.

In indicating specifically, too, the case of conclusion from a copulative major premise with a disjunctive minor, Herbart seems to have suggested the cue for Sigwart's exposition of Bacon's method of exclusions.

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Such an advance might have taken its cue directly from Kant himself.

I think that's my cue to go clean up.

This isn't his first time here, Dean thought, but they took his exit as their cue to leave.

Taking a cue from him, she asked Lori if she was hungry.

Ully reappeared with a carafe of whiskey and set it down, taking Andre's head nod as a cue to leave.

The question as between Solon and Hipparchus cannot be settled; but it is at least clear that a due order of recitation was secured by the presence of a person charged to give the rhapsodists their cue (uiro(iXXav).