Sentence Examples with the word cubical

There is generally a tendency in coals towards cleaving into cubical or prismatic blocks, but sometimes the cohesion between the particles is so feeble that the mass breaks up into dust when struck.

It is to be remarked that the classification mixes together non-singular and singular curves, in fact, the five kinds presently referred to: thus the hyperbolas and the divergent parabolas include curves of every kind, the separation being made in the species; the hyperbolisms of the hyperbola and ellipse, and the trident curve, are nodal; the hyperbolisms of the parabola, and the cubical parabola, are cuspidal.

The business was continued by his sons Georg (1804-1884) it as layer of cubical cells, which are continuous near the anterior border with the cells of the peritoneum.

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The body-form of the Scyphomedusae varies from that of a conical or roughly cubical cap (fig.

Lead monoxide is dimorphous, occurring as cubical dodecahedra and as rhombic octahedra.

Another from the same place was a small cubical block of limestone bearing a dedication to Heracles.

The two carried out some of the earliest thermochemical investigations, devised apparatus for measuring linear and cubical expansions, and employed a modification of Joseph Black's ice calorimeter in a series of determinations of specific heats.

The abundant vintage of that year drew his attention to the defective methods in use for estimating the cubical contents of vessels, and his essay on the subject (Nova Stereometria Doliorum, Linz, 1615) entitles him to rank among those who prepared the discovery of the infinitesimal calculus.

The cathedral was built between 973 and loos; the gallery round the back of the apse and the crypt have plain cubical capitals of this period.

Again, there are many theories of the equivalence of different cubic cubits of water with various multiples of talents (2, 3, 18, 24, 33); but connexion by lesser units would be far more probable, as the primary use of weights is not to weigh large cubical vessels of liquid, but rather small portions of precious metals.