Sentence Examples with the word cuban

A remarkable feature of the Cuban coast is the number of excellent anchorages, roadsteads and harbours.

Under the conditions of free labour, the development of railways abroad, the improvement of machinery both in cane and beet producing countries, the general competition of the beet, and the fall of prices, it was impossible for the Cuban industry to survive without radical betterment of methods.

The cucujo or Cuban firefly (Pyrophorus noctilucus) gives out so strong a light that a few of them serve effectively as a lantern.

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SANCTI SPIRITUS, an old Cuban city in Santa Clara province, situated on a sandy plain in an angle of the Yayabo river, which winds through the city.

During and after the war of 1868-1878, when many Cuban estates were confiscated, many families emigrated, and many others were ruined, the ownership of plantations largely passed from the hands of Cubans to Spaniards.

Every Cuban paid about twice as heavy taxes as a Spaniard of the Peninsula.

The mulatto poet, Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes, known as Placido (1809-1844), was born in Matanzas, and was executed there for participation in the supposed conspiracy of negroes in 1844, which is one of the most famous episodes in Cuban history.

In appearance it is one of the most ancient of Cuban towns.

The city has an important trade with the interior, with other Cuban ports, and to a less extent with New York and European ports.

When Cuban tobaccos were first introduced into Florida, the type broke up, but by carefully selecting the best plants and using them only as sources of seed for later crops, a good type was obtained.