Sentence Examples with the word cs

CARBON BISULPHIDE, CS 2, a chemical product first discovered in 1796 by W.

C or cz is pronounced as English ts; cs as English ch; ds as English j; zs as French j; gy as dy.

It also, forms a caesium-alum Cs 2 S04-Al 2 (S04) 3 24H 2 O.

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A striking fact in the configuration of the crust is cs 1'000 n that each continent, or elevated mass of the crust, is T diametrically opposite to an ocean basin or great de 5000 0 -5000 -15000 -20 2500 -300 pression; the only partial exception being in the case of southern South America, which is antipodal to eastern Asia.

Thiourea and many of its unsymmetrical derivatives have marked physiological action; thiourea causes a slowing of the pulse and respiration, cardiac failure, and death in convulsions; phenyl-, ethyland acetyl-thiourea are actively toxic. The most important derivative pharmacologically is allyl-thiourea, also known as thiosinamine or rhodallin, NH2 CS NH CH2 CH:CH2.

For otitside gearing that ratio is negative, Cs because the wheels turn contrary ways; for inside gearing it is positive, because they turn the same way.

But the first cS aracen Saracen settlers in Sicily were the African neighbours of Sicily, and they were called to the work by a home treason.

The arc Cs is graduated, and is set so that the angle COD equals the complement of the sun's declination.

The framework is attached to two independent circular arcs Cs and rr having their centres at 0 and provided with clamps D and A on the axis F of the instrument.

This can be effected (after setting the axis) by rotating Cs until a needle indicates true time on the hour dial B.