Sentence Examples with the word crystallizing

Potassium aluminate, K 2 Al 2 0 4, is obtained in solution by dissolving aluminium hydrate in caustic potash; it is also obtained, as crystals containing three molecules of water, by fusing alumina with potash, exhausting with water, and crystallizing the solution in vacuo.

Iodine in alkaline solution converts pyrrol into iodol (tetra-iodopyrrol), crystallizing in yellowishbrown needles, which decompose on heating.

Though introduced with success from Santo Domingo about the middle of the T 8th century, the sugar industry practically dates from 1796, when Etienne Bore first succeeded in crystallizing and clarifying the syrup. Steam motive power was first introduced on the plantations in 1822.

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Or slowly, crystallizing as they cooled.

The potassium salt is obtained by crystallizing equivalent quantities of potassium and auric chlorides.

By crystallizing an aqueous solution, red crystals of AuC1 3.2H 2 O are obtained.

This base is resolved into its active components by d-tartaric acid, l-nicotine-d-tartrate crystallizing out first.

The gold chloride of commerce, which is used in photography, is really a hydrochloride, chlorauric or aurichloric acid, HAuC1 4.3H 2 O, and is obtained in long yellow needles by crystallizing the acid solution.

Occasionally monoclinic crystals are obtained by crystallizing from a strong solution.

Besides its connexion with the speculations of Anselm, the doctrine of Roscellinus was also of decisive influence within the schools in crystallizing the opposite opinion.