Sentence Examples with the word cryptogamic

P. 21) leave little room for doubt as to their origin, which, when the cryptogamic habit and common range of their putative parents, the former unknown to the author last-named, is considered, will seem to be still more likely.

Soon after the promulgation of Linnaeus's method of classification, the attention of botanists was directed to the study of Cryptogamic plants, and the valuable work of Johann Hedwig (1730-1799) on the reproductive organs of mosses made its appearance in 1782.

In cannel coals the prevailing constituents are the spores of cryptogamic plants, algae being rare or in many cases absent.

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Affinities to any members of the group, and the view, of which Williamson was the chief advocate, that they form a homogeneous Cryptogamic family, is now fully established.

The seed, which need not be described in further detail, was a highly organized structure, showing little trace of the cryptogamic megasporangium from which we must suppose it to have been derived.

This opened up a new field of research, and led the way in the study of Cryptogamic reproduction, which has since been much advanced by the labours of numerous botanical inquiries.

Camerarius, professor of botany and medicine at Tubingen, published a letter on the sexes of plants, in which he refers to the stamens and pistils as the organs of reproduction, and states the difficulties he had encountered in determining the organs of Cryptogamic plants.

Ferns and other cryptogamic plants are in great variety and abundance.

Flora.The flora of Germany comprises 3413 species of phanerogamic and 4306 cryptogamic plants.

In a large majority of the Fern-like fossils of that period the evidence is in favour of reproduction by seeds, rather than by the cryptogamic methods of the true Ferns.