Sentence Examples with the word cry out

But neither Sheridan nor Fox was capable of that sustained and overflowing indignation at outraged justice and oppressed humanity, that consuming moral fire, which burst forth again and again from the chief manager of the impeachment, with such scorching might as drove even the cool and intrepid Hastings beyond all self-control, and made him cry out with protests and exclamations like a criminal writhing under the scourge.

Panic churned within her, and she was about to cry out for Rhyn when Jared snagged her arm.

I thought for a moment the woman might cry out but my look froze her to silence.

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Cynthia began to quietly cry out of sheer frustration while Gladys Turnbull snored loudly.

Jackson shook violently, desperate to summon self-control, while every part of him yearned to cry out with the utter horror coursing through his mind.