Sentence Examples with the word crux

The crux of the difficulty was the doctrine of the supernatural, the relation between revealed and natural religion.

Reinach's explanation of this ancient crux interpretum, which has been accepted by Harnack, Bousset, Porter, Sanday, Swete and others, fixes the earliest date of the composition of the Apocalypse as A.D.

Here we come to the crux of Fichte's system, which is only partly cleared up in the Rechtslehre and Sittenlehre.

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That is the crux of the matter.

The crux of all metaphysical idealism is the difficulty of reconciling the unity of the object with the plurality of subjects.

The principal reptiles are a lizard, a tortoise, the vivora de la crux (a dangerous viper, so called from marks like a cross on its head) and the rattlesnake in Maldonado and the stony lands of Minas.

The special ensign of his office is the cross, crux erecta or gestatoria, carried before him on solemn occasions (see Cross).

The verse remains a crux inter pretum, and no exegesis hitherto given can be deemed thoroughly satisfactory; but the interpretation of the whole book must not be made to hinge on a single word in a verse which might be altogether removed without affecting the general course of the prophet's argument.

The question of the status of the negro proved the crux of the issue.

Thus in presence of the problem which is the crux of materialism, the origin of consciousness, he first propounds a gratuitous hypothesis that everything has mind, and then gives up the origin of conscious mind after all.