Sentence Examples with the word crumb

He brushed a crumb from the seat and cleared his throat.

The first uprising momentum of the whale--modifying its direction as he struck the surface--involuntarily launched him along it, to a little distance from the centre of the destruction he had made; and with his back to it, he now lay for a moment slowly feeling with his flukes from side to side; and whenever a stray oar, bit of plank, the least chip or crumb of the boats touched his skin, his tail swiftly drew back, and came sideways smiting the sea.

How he did it, she couldn't say, but when he finished his meal, not even a crumb was left on the plate.

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Sometimes they toss him a crumb but they have their pros for the important stuff.

Aside from speculation, I haven't developed one crumb of information on this psychic, at least until maybe, now.