Sentence Examples with the word cruelty

She helped to inaugurate the society for the prevention of cruelty to children, and was a keen supporter of the ragged school union.

The complicated plot is constructed with greater skill than is usual with this dramatist, and the pathos of particular situations, and of the entire character of Penthea - a woman doomed to hopeless misery, but capable of seeking to obtain for her brother a happiness which his cruelty has condemned her to forego - has an intensity and a depth which are all Ford's own.

His cruelty and deceitfulness were faults common to all Eastern despots.

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In Africa the Moorish prince, Firmus, raised the standard of revolt, being joined by the provincials, who had been rendered desperate by the cruelty and extortions of Count Romanus, the military governor.

He would betray her, and he would kill her, but she suspected even he was not brave enough to cross the king of Landis, whose cruelty was known far and wide.

The inquiry revealed the gross cruelty and injustice with which the natives had been often treated.

The cruelty of murdering prisoners is not imputed to him as a fault.

The king's harshness and the arrogance and cruelty of his son, found vent in a revolt led by Roberto Sanseverino and Francesco Coppola, which was crushed by means of craft and treachery.

For the law relating to the prevention of cruelty to children see CHILDREN, LAW RELATING TO; for cruelty in the sense of such conduct as entitles a husband or wife to judicial separation see DIVORCE.

The exhibitions of vice and cruelty that were Growth And Population constantly to be seen in the capital have been reproduced by Hogarth, and had they not been set down by so truthful an observer it would have been almost impossible to believe that such enormities could have been committed in the streets of a great city.