Sentence Examples with the word cruciferous

The presence of sulphur in rape and other cruciferous oils also affords a ready means for their identification.

Dwarf close-growing evergreen cruciferous plants, adapted for rockwork and the front part of the flower border, and of the easiest culture.

The cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize); the cruciferous crops (turnips, cabbage, kale, rape, mustard); the solanaceous crops (potatoes); the chenopodiaceous crops (mangels, sugar-beets), and other non-leguminous crops have, so far as is known, no such power, and are therefore more or less benefited by the direct application of nitrogenous manures.

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Beautiful dwarf spring-blooming rock plants, forming carpety tufts of flowers of simple cruciferous form.

Exceptions, such as in cruciferous plants, are due to the non-appearance of the bracts.

Thus in Cruciferous plants the staminal whorl consists of four long stamens and two short ones (tetradynamous).

Good rockwork cruciferous plants.

Charlock is a most persistent cruciferous weed, but if sprayed when young with the solution named it is killed, the corn plants being uninjured.