Sentence Examples with the word crowd

The crowd began to cheer.

They began in 1860 at the funeral of the widow of General Sobinski, killed in 1830, and on the 27th of February 1861 they led to the so-called Warsaw massacres, when the troops fired on a crowd which refused to disperse.

She was quickly cut off from Xander by the adoring masses and forced to push her way through the crowd to follow him.

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Hussars charged the crowd with drawn swords.

It turned out to be Captain Bildad, who along with Captain Peleg was one of the largest owners of the vessel; the other shares, as is sometimes the case in these ports, being held by a crowd of old annuitants; widows, fatherless children, and chancery wards; each owning about the value of a timber head, or a foot of plank, or a nail or two in the ship.

During the first half of the 19th century wholesale clearances had been effected in many districts, and the crofters were compelled either to emigrate or to crowd into areas already congested, where, eking out a precarious living by following the fisheries, they led a hard and miserable existence.

The peasants in the crowd were similarly impressed when they saw Rostov's rapid, firm steps and resolute, frowning face.

Hey? shouted Rostov, coming up to the crowd with quick steps.

The crowd moved eagerly from the balcony toward the porch.

The auction crowd could wait a little longer for his chauffeuring gig.