Sentence Examples with the word crooked

His face softened into a grin, as he crooked a long index finger at her.

Often walked by very crooked paths; but the reproach that he allowed his policy to be swayed exclusively by his family interests is unjustified.

Their weapons were the wooden club or waddy notched to the grasp, and spears of sticks, often crooked but well balanced, with points sharpened by tool or fire, and sometimes.

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But exceptions are found on the west in the street leading from the Porta Ercolanese (gate of Herculaneum) to the forum, which, though it must have been one of the principal thoroughfares in the city, was crooked and irregular, as well as very narrow, in some parts not exceeding 12 to 14 ft.

It belongs chiefly to the basin of the Rhine; the Lower Rhine, which skirts its southern border, after sending off the Crooked Rhine at Wijk, becomes the Lek, and the Crooked Rhine in its turn, after sending off the Vecht at Utrecht to the Zuider Zee, becomes the Old Rhine.

The older parts of the town retain their narrow and crooked streets.

Agriculture is practised along the Crooked Rhine, wheat, barley, beans and peas being the chief products, and there is considerable fruit-farming in the south-west.

One form of plough still used consists of a crooked bough, with an iron share attached.

Cynthia crooked her eyebrow.

The streets in the older quarters are narrow, crooked and gloomy; but the newer parts of the city, especially those laid out since the removal of the fortifications about 1861, are handsome and spacious.