Sentence Examples with the word croix

They first settled on an island near the mouth of the St Croix river, and then at Port Royal - now Annapolis, N.S.

The state supports three parks - Itasca state park (22,000 acres, established in 1891), about the sources of the Mississippi, in Clearwater, Becker and Hubbard counties; the St Croix (established in 1895), in Chicago county, across the St Croix from the Wisconsin state park of the same name, and including the beautiful Dalles of the St Croix; and the Minneopa state park (established in 1905), containing Minneopa Falls, near Mankato.

Col de la Sachette (Tignes to Bourg St Maurice), foot path Col du) Palet (Tignes to M06tiers Tarentaise or Bourg St Maurice), bridle path (W) 8,721 Col du Mont (Ste Foy to the Val Grisanche), bridle path (C) 8,681 Col de la Croix de Nivolet (Ceresole to the Val Savaranche), bridle path (E).

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He was a Prince of Mecca, a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the holder of the Croix de Guerre (with palms), the Italian silver medal arid various British war medals.

In February 17 9 6 he arrived in Paris and had interviews with De La Croix and L.

Col Bayard (La Mure to Gap), carriage road Col de la Croix Haute (Grenoble to Veynes and Gap), rail way line over 3,829 4.

The first English translation of Jean du Bec is dated in 1595, the Life by Perondinus in 1600, and Petis de la Croix did not introduce Sharifu 'd-Din or 'Ali Yazdi to European readers till .1722.

Col de la Croix (Torre Pellice to Abries), bridle path Petit Mont Cenis (Bramans to the Mont Cenis Plateau), bridle path.

URBAN GRANDIER (1590-1634), priest of the church of Sainte Croix at Loudun in the department of Vienne, France, was accused of witchcraft in 1632 by some hysterical novices of the Carmelite Convent, where the trial, protracted for two years, was held.

From the northwest angle of Nova Scotia, viz., that angle which is formed by a line drawn due north from the source of St. Croix River to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence ...