Sentence Examples with the word critic

A critic of intuition- Criticism alism might add that they are its whole strength; of intuitionalism is sound upon the intellectual and moral interests of humanity, but it does little to justify them.

His geography was based more immediately on the work of his predecessor, Marinus of Tyre, and on that of Hipparchus, the follower and critic of Eratosthenes.

An accomplished man of letters, a competent critic of art, a linguist of rare perfection and charming in manner, but cynical and pleasureloving, he was certainly one of the chief diplomatic personages in the reign of the last of the tsars.

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A bitter critic of King Humbert, both in the Perseveranza and in the Nuova Antologia, he was, in 1893, excluded from court, only securing readmission shortly before his death on the 22nd of October 18 9 5.

As a critic he was second to none in his own time, and even yet one can admire the delicacy and the skill with which he handles his subject.

GEORGE RIPLEY (1802-1880), American critic and man of letters, was born at Greenfield, Massachusetts, on the 3rd of October 1802.

To these contemporary censures the modern critic cannot refuse his assent.

As a journalist, poet, critic and historian, he soon made a reputation as one of the ablest and most versatile writers of the day.

Newman, for whom he worked, helping in the translation of Thomas Aquinas's Catena Aurea, and writing in the British Critic and Christian Remembrances.

To Henrique Lopes de Men - donga, scholar, critic and poet, we owe some strong historical plays as well as the piece written with Lobato, which made a big hit.