Sentence Examples with the word crinkled

His eyes crinkled and a smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Sarah's smile broadened until it crinkled her eyes.

Plantation rubber comes into commerce in the form of the crinkled ribbons known as crepe, in sheets or biscuits, and sometimes in large blocks made by compressing the crepe rubber.

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The first man was in his prime, and his eyes crinkled in a genuine smile when he clasped hands with Dustin.

His nose crinkled as he drew near.

He took an arm of each of the fashionable ladies and paraded one block uptown to Main Street, nodding to potential voters and ignoring the comments Fred muttered behind him that he looked like the crinkled cousin from Hicksville.

He picked up a newspaper and snapped it open, his attention instantly captured by something he found in its crinkled pages.

Newspaper crinkled and crackled.

The oral arms are the starting-point of a further series of variations; they may be simple flaps, crinkled and folded in various ways, or they may be subdivided, and then the branches may simulate tentacles in appearance.