Sentence Examples with the word cringing

The ship! cried the cringing oarsmen.

She felt his cold gaze and didn't face him, cringing instead.

She floundered to a sitting position, then her feet, cringing as she struggled upright, the sting in her wounded knees bringing tears to her eyes.

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The word is now generally used in the sense of a cringing flatterer of the great.

In all his cringing attitudes, the God-fugitive is now too plainly known.

Allen swallowed again, almost cringing as he licked his lips and turned desperate eyes on Lisa.

The only excuse made for the alternate cringing and insult, the alternate abuse and lying, which marked his course in this matter, has been the very weak plea that a man cannot fight with a system - a plea which is sufficiently answered by the retort that a great many men have so fought and have won.

Descartes, in his correspondence with the Jesuits, had shown an almost cringing eagerness to have their powerful organization on his side.

Not expecting the dizzy spell, she staggered against the car, cringing away from Czerno as he snatched her arms and dragged her to the house.

The expression of that base and cringing smile, which Pierre knew so well in his wife, revolted him.