Sentence Examples with the word crimea

Bazaar rumours of British reverses in the Crimea and in Persia increased the temptations for a general rising against the dominant race.

In 1854 he was promoted general and appointed to the command of the English troops sent to the Crimea (see Crimean War) in co-operation with a strong French army under Marshal St Arnaud and afterwards, up to May 1855, under Marshal Canrobert.

In a suffering and weary voice he was saying something to Tikhon, speaking of the Crimea and its warm nights and of the Empress.

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In 1855 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Russian forces in the Crimea in place of Prince Menshikov.

Coast of the Crimea and Caucasia, as well as the Caspian deserts, have each their own individuality.

Ten years later the semblance of independence which was left to the khans of the Crimea was destroyed and the peninsula formally annexed to the empire.

The Tatars Treaty of from the frontier of Poland to the shores of the Kuchuk Caspian, including those of the Crimea and Kuban, were declared independent under their own khan 1774' of the race of Jenghiz, saving only the religious rights of the sultan as caliph of Islam.

Those inhabiting the Crimea speak Tatar, and the few who are settled in W.

It was not long before Russia showed that it was not the independence but the absorption of the Crimea which she desired.

He was the son of General James Lindsay of Balcarres, but took the additional surname of Loyd in 1858 on marrying the heiress of Lord Overstone, the banker; he fought with his regiment the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Crimea and won the V.C., retiring as lieutenant-colonel.