Sentence Examples with the word crested

There are various cultivated forms - cristata has the ends of the fronds and the pinnae finely crested, and corymbifera has curiously forked and crested fronds.

The lapwing's conspicuous crest seems to have been the cause of a common blunder among English writers of the middle ages, who translated the Latin word Upupa, property hoopoe, by lapwing, as being the crested bird with which they were best acquainted.

The marble he saw came into view as he crested the hill in the center of the orchard.

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Connolly's Out of Gloucester (1902), The Deep Sea's Toll (1905), and The Crested Seas (1907).

The intensity of her emotion faded as she crested the hill, but it didn't completely disappear.

No contrast, for instance, can be greater than that between the wide elevated moors of the eastern Grampians, and the crested ridges of western Inverness-shire and Argyllshire - Loch Hourn, Glen Nevis, Glencoe - or that between the broad uplands of Peeblesshire and the precipitous heights of Galloway.

This elevated plateau extends from Dry's Bluff in the north to the Denison Range in the south-west, and although often receding at points adjacent to the sources of the principal rivers, invariably presents a bold crested front to the north, west and east.

Besides these large crested species, there are several smaller species without crests in north-east India, and the Malay region from Nepal to Borneo.

On the upper verge of the pine forests, or in the scrubby vegetation just beyond, the following are not uncommon - black woodpecker (Picus martius), ring-ousel (Turdus torquatus), Bonelli's warbler (Phylloscopus Bonellii), crested tit (Parus cristatus), citril finch (Citrinella alpina), siskin (Chrysomitris spinus), crossbill (Loxia curvirostra), nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes), blackcock (Tetrao tetrix), and the alpine varieties of the marsh-tit (Parus palustris, borealis) and tree-creeper (Certhia familiaris, costae).

Mauritius is famous for the dodo, killed off by man; there was also a curiously crested parrot, Lophopsittacus (fig.