Sentence Examples with the word creole

Now we must return to France, where, in 1827, L'Herminier, a creole of Guadaloupe and a pupil of De Blainville's, contributed to the Actes of the Linnaean Society of Paris for that year (vi.

Before it could be promulgated, the tidings came of a separatist rising in the old haunts of Creole disaffection near Santiago de Cuba.

Puerto Principe boasts of being the most Creole of Cuban cities.

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He was then cleansed and re-clothed, his room cleaned, and during the day he was visited by his new attendant, a creole and a compatriot of Josephine de Beauharnais, named Jean Jacques Christophe Laurent (1770--1807), who had from the 8th of November onwards assistance for his charge from a man named Gomin.

White men, who take proper precautions, and are not chronically soaked with cane-spirit, stand the climate perfectly, but the creole whites are still too much caballeros to devote themselves to agricultural work.

He entered the colonial army of Spain as a cadet in 1810, and served as one of the Creole supporters of the Spanish government till 1821.

San Martin, the military leader of Buenos Aires in the revolt, was the son of a Spanish army officer and a Creole mother, and he is quoted as the example of thousands.

The Creole class is, however, diminishing, though slowly, and the most numerous section of the population is of Indian blood.

The Creoles (Criallos) or American-born Spaniards had for long been aggrieved at being shut out from all important official positions, and at the restrictions placed upon their trade, but the bulk of the Creole population was not disloyal.

He showed the same merciless spirit in dealing with the Cubans; and he certainly cleared two-thirds of the island of Creole bands, and stamped out disaffection.