Sentence Examples with the word creep

Because the creep was hot for me and I wouldn't give him the time of day.

The whisper seems to creep round the gallery horizontally, not necessarily along the shorter arc, but rather along that arc towards which the whisperer faces.

But there are no perpetual snow-fields, no glaciers creep down these valleys, and no alpine hamlets ever appear to break the monotony.

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They like to creep up on me when they think I'm unarmed.

Of their having been originally told by the poet himself instead of being put in the mouth of his hero, we feel that inaccuracies of this kind are apt to creep in wherever a fictitious story is thrown into the form of an autobiography.

Dean wondered if Cynthia might suspect Dean himself had blown the creep away just for spite.

As the ranks of the clergy slowly filled, questions arose which the Reformation had not settled, and it was natural that the old system with which the country was familiar should creep in again.

On the loftiest summits, and east of Oshten the crest of the main range is capped with perpetual snow and carries many hanging glaciers, while larger glaciers creep down the principal valleys.

Xander waited until he saw the pink creep up her face.

They gazed at each other until she felt red creep up her neck.