Sentence Examples with the word creditor

If the mancipium died a natural death under the creditor's hand, the creditor was scot free.

A creditor is not bound to give change to the debtor, whose duty it is to make tender in lawful money the whole amount due, or more, without asking for change.

The law forbade the creditor to retain it over-night as a pledge (Ex.

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A creditor was not at liberty to seize household goods, farming utensils, or any goods the loss of which would prevent the debtor recovering from embarrassment, so long as there was other property which could be seized.

A creditor could hold his insolvent debtor as a slave, or sell him out of the city (trans Tiberim).

If the creditor did not care to purchase land, it was supposed that he could obtain the face-value for them from those who desired land.

After an interval of ten days more, the creditor entered with his law agent, two witnesses and four horses, went farther in upon the land, repeated his demand, and if refused withdrew.

If a debtor had neither money nor crop, the creditor must not refuse goods.

When a debtor tenders the amount due to his creditor and the creditor refuses to accept, the debt is not discharged, but if the debtor is subsequently sued for the debt and continues willing and ready to pay, and pays the amount tendered into court, he can recover his costs in the action.

Or, when one person is compelled by law to discharge the legal liabilities of another, he becomes the creditor of the person for the money so paid.