Sentence Examples with the word creditable

If there had been no fighting daring these autumn months worthy of mention, much creditable work had been carried out by the invaders in respect to developing communications and to improving jetties and landing-places, especially at Suvla.

The refusals of Charles to credit or to countenance the attacks on his wife are the most creditable episodes in his life.

Gibbon, however, regrets that the style of his pamphlet was too acrimonious; and this regret, considering his antagonist's slight claims to forbearance, is creditable to him.

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The German-speaking immigrants have also had a creditable share in the work of church extension, but the Italians have manifested no marked ardour for their faith.

The total expenditure for the schools is creditable to the state; but before 1909 hardly half the school population attended; and in general the rural conditions of the state, the shortness of the school terms and the dependence of the schools primarily upon local funds and local supervision, make the schools of inadequate and quite varying excellence.

John's struggle against the barons and Prince Louis (1216), afterwards King Louis VIII., was the most creditable episode of his career.

Meanwhile he had written creditable student verse, and contributed both prose and rhyme to newspapers, thus gaining friends and obtaining a decided if provincial reputation.

At the end of October 1785 he closed a scholastic career which had been creditable but not brilliant.

Further, they had the effect of sobering the culprit, and the more creditable part of his life did not begin till he left Vincennes.

This situation was at last put an end to by the city authorities, who probably felt that they were not playing a very creditable part.