Sentence Examples with the word credibility

On the other hand, at nisi prius and on the criminal circuit, he was accused of frequently attempting unduly to influence juries in their estimate of the credibility of evidence.

Cornewall Lewis, Credibility of early Roman History, ii.; Livy, iv.

His attack was based largely on arguments which could be turned with equal force against the miracles of the New Testament, and he even went further than previous rationalists in impugning the credibility of statements as to alleged miracles emanating from martyrs and the fathers of the early church.

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Zimmer, Nennius Vindicatus (Berlin, 1893), an examination into the credibility of Nennius; Geoffrey of Monmouth, Historia Britonum (translations of both histories are in Bohn's Library); Wace, the Brut (ed.

She, in turn, would inform Quinn, both of whom would know I was holding back important information, a severe blow to our credibility compact.

They understood giving any credibility to a hint of the existence of a psychic tipster adversely affected their ultimate chance for a conviction.

The History has been discussed and criticized in a great number of publications, the most important of which, perhaps, is Sir George Cornwall Lewis's Essay on the Credibility of the Early Roman History.

Our credibility had to be earned each time and be absolute.

However, with Howie's credibility questioned, I felt we were compelled to revisit the issue.

It is one of the undesigned coincidences which confirm the credibility of Confucius's history, that his favourite disciple was a scion of the Yen clan.