Sentence Examples with the word credence

It seems strange that many ornithologists should have given credence to W.

Though in modern times a great deal has appeared in the daily newspapers on the subject, it is a notable fact that not a tithe of the wonderful things published in such articles about bees and bee-keeping is worthy of credence or possesses any real value.

I, however, can give but partial credence to these writings.

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Hence the first written accounts give Portuguese, Malay and other derivations, some of which have continued to find credence among quite recent writers.

But until the conditions under which a particular transformation takes place have been ascertained and described, so that the observation may be repeated by other investigators, scant credence is likely to be given to the more extreme polymorphistic views.

You people have lost your credence with me.

But little credence was given to Father Roman's statement until it was verified, in 1756, by the Spanish Boundary-line Commission of Yturriaga y Solano.

The time between the recorded call and the fatal crash was such to give further credence that the kidnapper held his captors nearby.

To the student of the Norse sources, Adam's reference is not so important, as the internal evidence of the sagas is such as to give easy credence to them as records of exploration in regions previously unknown to civilization.

This ought to help the credibility issue; there's more to some tips than the police know, but haven't made public because it would enforce credence in a psychic connection for the tip.