Sentence Examples with the word crecy

And George Wrottesleys Crecy and Calais from the Public Records.

He is found at the siege of Cambrai in 1337, and at the battle of Crecy in 1346.

As it was encouraged by John of France; and while John's father opened the Crecy campaign by sending Edward a challenge in due form of chivalry, Edward took advantage of this formal delay to amuse the French king with negotiations while he withdrew his army by a rapid march from an almost hopeless position.

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Both as a diplomatist and a soldier, being present at the battle of Crecy in 1346; and retaining to the last the royal confidence, died in August 1355.

Defeated the French army at Crecy on the 26th of August 1346, and besieged Calais, which surrendered on the 3rd of August 1347.

By the heiress of the Tonis he left at his death in 1315 a son Earl Thomas, who distinguished himself at Crecy and Poitiers, was marshal of the English host, and, with his brother John, one of the founders of the order of the Garter.

This was the most solid and lasting of his conquests, and its execution compelled him to greater efforts than the Crecy campaign.

Had his lands ravaged by the English in 1339 and died at Crecy in 1346.

Thomas of Berkeley fought at Crecy and Calais, bringing six knights and thirty-two squires to the siege in his train, with thirty mounted archers and two hundred men on foot.

Domestic malcontents did not scruple to hint that the king, like his father-in-law before him, had made war on France, not with any hope of renewing the glories of Crecy or Agincourt, still less with any design of helping his allies, but purely to get first grants from his parliament, and then a war indemnity from his enemies.