Sentence Examples with the word crazy

I must have been crazy when I agreed to take a woman on as a freighter, but I didn't expect Indian trouble along this route.

The air conditioning was high enough to make her shiver, the bright interior settling her fear of walking into some crazy person's house.

Rhyn had been as manipulated as poor Jade, who was now crazy with guilt and anger.

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I always thought they had a pretty solid marriage, especially with Claire, but she's acting as crazy as a teenager and just watching her marriage crumble.

Jule's going crazy trying to keep up.

While he would never claim to miss Jonny's crazy predecessor, Czerno, at least the former Black God was capable of a poker face.

If he doesn't drive her as crazy as he does me, divvy up shifts with him, he said.

My hormones are going crazy today.

The movers had gone crazy and even packed her stuff.

And if he chose to expel her, no one there would defend her, just as no one defended crazy Arnie.