Sentence Examples with the word crawling

The foot is always simple, with its flat crawling surface extending from end to end, but in the embryo Limnaea it shows a bilobed character, which leads on to the condition characteristic of Pteropoda.

Distressed by her night and overwhelmed by the idea Xander had a softer side, she thought of nothing more than getting home and crawling into bed.

The foot is commonly a simple cylindrical or ploughshare-shaped organ, used for boring in sand and mud, and more rarely presents a crawling disk similar to that of Gastropoda; in some forms it is aborted.

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There is very little doubt that they lived at the bottom of the sea, feeding upon worms or other soft marine organisms, crawling slowly about the sandy or muddy bottom and burying themselves beneath its surface when danger threatened.

Every inch of this city is crawling with vamps.

Preventing Destiny from crawling out of the bed wasn't easy.

Besides, it would much subtract from the glory of the exploit had St. George but encountered a crawling reptile of the land, instead of doing battle with the great monster of the deep.

I passed out for a few minutes, I guess, and then I thought I was alone so I started crawling toward the door.

In the latter we find the young Nemertines crawling about after a period of from six to eight weeks, and probably feeding upon a portion of this gelatinous substance, which is found to diminish in bulk.

He remained throughout the night, crawling on his hands and knees to sift through the debris.