Sentence Examples with the word cravings

The physical ground work lends a religious sanction to all moral duties, and Cleanthes's noble hymn is evidence how far a system of natural religion could go in providing satisfaction for the cravings of.

Her cravings had taken on a new life the longer she was pregnant.

And my cravings are just brutal.

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For as the Arahat had conquered the cravings that were supposed to produce the new body, his actions were no longer Karma, but only Kiriya, that led to no rebirth.4 Another point of Buddhist teaching adopted from previous belief was the practice of ecstatic meditation.

Subjects who took the supplement reported an overall drop in their carb cravings compared to the placebo group.

Over a period of three months you should use the gum to relieve the cravings to smoke.

Figures of the Virgin and Child, of the apostles and evangelists, the fathers of the Church, the saints and martyrs, with illustrations of sacred history and the Apocalypse, were supplied in endless repetition to satisfy the cravings of a pious and simple-minded people.

Some years ago, a few people taking Wellbutrin reported that their cravings for cigarettes diminished.

He was a scholar, with a scholar's tastes and cravings for knowledge, easily excited, bent on scholarly discoveries.

The comic poets satirized them, and Plato and Demosthenes inveighed against them; but they continued to spread, with all their fervid enthusiasm, their superstition and their obscene practices, wide among the people, whose religious cravings were not satisfied with the purely external religions of Hellenism.