Sentence Examples with the word craving

They had become accustomed to the constant chill in their bones, yet this newfound warmth elicited a welcome sensation that not only rid the cold, but also calmed the incessant craving for blood.

Every sense was intensified and vibrant, yet secondary to the overwhelming craving for blood.

Early in 1848, moreover, revolutions on the continent produced a natural craving for changes at home.

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A craving for nicotine will pass quite quickly.

Union with the unpleasant is painful, painful is separation from the pleasant; and any craving unsatisfied, that too is painful.

Need was thick in her body, an inhuman craving she knew now how to satisfy.

The small value they attributed to all outward and special forms of service, and the want of any sympathetic craving for the communion of saints, saved the deists from attempting to found a free-thinking church.

It is the passing away so that no passion remains, the giving up, the getting rid of, the being emancipated from, the harbouring no longer of this craving thirst.

The demand for union was succeeded by a craving for independence.

Tyrone submitted at last, craving pardon on his knees, renouncing his Celtic chiefry, and abjuring all foreign powers, but still retaining his earldom, and power almost too great for a subject.