Sentence Examples with the word craved

The only favour Savonarola craved before death was a short interview with his fellow victims. This the signory unwillingly granted.

She craved him in a way that nearly crippled her.

Carthaginian troops held the Messanian citadel against Hiero, while another party in Messana craved the help of the head of Italy.

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In 1347, and again in 1350, Louis occupied Naples and craved permission to be crowned king, but the papal see was inexorable and he was compelled to withdraw.

Charles, on his part, solemnly, craved pardon for the murder of John the Fearless through the mouth of the dean of the church in Paris, and handed over to the duke the counties of Macon, Auxerre, Bar-sur-Seine and Ponthieu, and the towns on and near the Somme (Roye, Montdidier, Peronne), reserving the option of redeeming the Somme towns for 400,000 gold crowns.

Capable of loving him the way he'd craved for the entirety of their existence together.

Ardent spirits craved the martyr's crown, and to confess Christ in persecution was to attain a glory inferior only to that won by those who actually died.

In 485 the Gamori, who had been expelled by the Demos and the Sicel serfs, and had taken refuge at Casmenae, craved help of Gelo, the successor of Hippocrates, who took possession of Syracuse without opposition, and made it the seat of his power.

I knew craved forgiveness from the others, but lacked the capability to attain it.

Although he could influence them to willingly let him feed by merely making eye contact, he preferred to seduce his conquests to want him as desperately as he craved their blood.